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The NYS Code Council is in the process of reviewing the technical subcommittees reports on up dating the Uniform Code. We currently enforce a code that was adopted in 2006 by the ICC and since then has been updated 3 times. This has led to some economic difficulties especially with the progression of technology.

On August 20, 2014 along with other member groups of the Coalition, I provided testimony in favor of adopting the 2015 ICC family of codes in its entirety. Once the public comment period was completed the Code Council had a long discussion and made a decision to direct the Department of State Building Standards and Codes to bypass the 2012 code and begin the process of adopting the 2015 ICC code. The Code Council did make it be known that this code would contain "minimal" modifications. We realize that Chapter 1 of all the code books would have to be modified due to administrative procedures but any other modifications would need to be proved to be unique to NYS. This includes adding or removing codes.

Adoption of the 2015 IRC would include residential fire sprinklers in all new 1 and 2 family homes as well as any 1 or 2 family home undergoes a substantial reconstruction. We realize that opponents of residential fire sprinklers will try to remove the requirement from the code and we will have to keep eyes and ears open to try to provide the truth on the costs associated with installation. We also will attempt to meet with Legislators to provide them with the truths and to ask them to let the process work its way through the Code Council. We do not want them to get involved.

There is currently a paper being developed that will provide information that you can use when asked about residential sprinklers. Once this paper has been published for use, I will make sure every member has a copy.

We have our work cut out but keeping with the truth, we can prevail.


President Wilkinson











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