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I have been trying to keep you updated on the Code Council's decision regarding the adoption of the 2015
IRC. As you are aware, the Code Council has voted to remove the requirement for automatic residential fire sprinklers in one and two family homes and townhouses.

The Alliance to Build a Safer NY has developed a white paper that focuses on important taking points for our members to use. The scope of the white paper is to encourage the Code Council to place the requirement of automatic sprinklers in townhouses. The document should be used whenever you speak about this
requirement so that every member of every association is saying the same. We are also asking every member to write a letter to the Code Council expressing the need for fire sprinklers in townhouses.

Click on the following link to download the white paper for your use. The document has the address to send your letter to the Code Council.

White Paper

Thank you for taking an active role in making New York a safer place to live.


In 2014, 3,275 civilians died in fires, an increase of 1.1 percent from the previous year.
Of these, 2,745, or 84 percent of all fire deaths occurred in the home, a decrease of 10 deaths from 2013.
Another 310 civilians dies in highway vehicle fires, representing 9.5 percent of all fire deaths.
Nationwide, a civilian died in a fire every 2 hours and 41 minutes, and a civilian dies in a home fire every 3 hours and 12 minutes.

On Tuesday August 19th the State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council voted on two important fire and life safety codes. The first one they voted on was the existing requirement for fire suppression systems at gasoline fueling areas. The I Codes do not have this requirement so after a short discussion the Council voted unanimously 13 - 0 to remove this requirement and not add this as a modification to the 2015 I Codes. Existing systems will be required to be maintained or if they are to be removed, the dispensing area and devices will be required to be upgraded to the safety requirements contained in the 2015 I Codes.
The other vote was on the requirement of residential fire sprinklers in all one and two family dwellings. After a lengthy discussion with much misinformation from the builder and realator on the Council this "National Standard" was removed from the 2015 NYS Code by a vote of 10 - 3.
Needless to say this was a sad day in NYS where the State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council devalued the life of every resident of this State.
I would like to thank the three members who voted for the requirement of sprinklers and I say to the others, "you made a big mistake".
I would also like to share the comments of one of the Council members who spoke after the vote. That Council member is one of our own members, Joe Sauerwein. Click here to view his comments.
The Department of State Division of Building Standards and Codes (BSC) is in the process of putting together the documents for the rule making process and the dates for public comment will be posted soon. Once the dates are posted we will need everyones' help. We may be able to turn this around and possibly obtain a concession to the residential sprinkler requirements.
I will keep you posted.










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