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The NYS Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association would like to thank

Rob Drexler for his service with the International Code Council.


Member Highlight Rob Drexler


This past October Rob Drexler finished serving as a Director for the International Code Council (ICC). Rob started his service to the ICC in 2011 being elected as a Director at Large. Director Drexler ran again in 2013 and completed the three year term this past October.


While serving on the Board of Directors Rob served on the following committees:


Resolutions (Chair 2011-12)
Bylaws Committee (Chair 2012-13)
Awards Committee (Chair 2014-15)
Audit Committee
CEO Evaluation Committee
Investment Committee
cdpACCESS Committee
Board Steering Committee on Remote Participation
Building Officials Membership Council Liaison (2012-16)

Fire Service Membership Council Liaison (2011-12)


Rob put a lot of time and effort into his service to the ICC. Speaking with Rob it was not just the service to the ICC that served as his motivation, it was knowing he was part of a team that was making a difference by improving building safety throughout the country that drove him to the top of his game.


Rob’s highlight of his five years was testifying before the United States Congressional Veterans Administration Sub Committee on Health. While there he testified for a bill to provide safe housing for homeless veterans. Rob stated the importance that housing subsidized by the Department of Veterans Affairs is protected from the perils of fires, floods, other natural disasters, and code compliant.


         ICC Director Rob Drexler on Capitol Hill.


Prior to his time with the ICC, Rob served as President of both his local Fire Marshal group (Monroe County Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association) and the New York State Fire Marshals and Inspectors’ Association. He knows the importance of these groups and put that to use with the ICC. Rob feels one of his biggest accomplishments was rejuvenating and reinvigorating Northeast ICC Region VI. Rob spent hundreds of hours working the Region VI area pulling the groups and players together and setting them up for success as a group. Rob was instrumental in setting up a week-long tour of Region VI this past summer. The team visited many of the Chapters in the region.


In the above picture Rob (far left) is sitting next to ICC Chief Executive

Officer Dominic Sims during a recent trip throughout ICC Region VI.


Other highlights for Rob included all the new friendships made, “the opportunity to meet and learn from many wonderful people”. He traveled throughout the country and wherever he traveled members welcomed him with open arms. Rob respected the ICC membership very much.

Rob took the position very seriously. We’re glad he did that. The Directors position involves making decisions that affect the 300 employees of the ICC, the future of the corporation and the safety of the built environment.  He went above and beyond in his service, spending many a nights and weekends, his own personal time to complete the duties in an exemplary manner.

The support of local and state fire and building groups for Rob during his service was appreciated. Rob knew the people of New York had his back. The groups gave him the support and trust he needed to be successful and he is very thankful for that. His families support was also an important factor in his success. We all knew Rob would do his best and he didn’t let us down at all.

Congratulations Rob! Thank you for making the world safer through the built environment. Thank you for representing us all so well. You have made a difference in a very good way.



Ithaca fire chief on vacation cruise near Mexico helps rescue stranded man

Ithaca Fire Chief Tom Parsons was out for an early morning run on the dock of a vacation cruise ship near Mexico this January when he noticed something in the water. It was a man. "He was swimming, trying to stay up and yell to get someone's attention," said Parsons, whose boat had left from the Cayman Islands, in an interview on Thursday. The boat was moving fast, at about 25 mph, in the other direction. There was only one other person on the deck at the time — around 6:30 a.m. — and that person went looking for help from the crew. Parsons had to think quickly. He picked up a buoy hanging from the side of the ship and threw it "as hard as I could," he says. It wasn't clear if that one reached the man. So Parsons continued down the ship, picking up two more buoys and throwing them as hard as he could out to the man stranded in the sea about 40 feet below. The man was able to successfully swim to the first buoy. It wasn't until the man was later rescued that Parsons learned the man had been stranded for several hours after falling from a different boat.  





The Associated Press

DERRY, N.H. — A fire in a garage almost trapped a teenage girl inside an adjoining house after one of her exits was blocked by snow, but a sprinkler head deployed, buying enough time for her to scamper out the other exit to safety, firefighters said.

Firefighters, who had been called by neighbors, arrived Monday evening to find flames engulfing the two-car garage and beginning to spread into the 2 1/2-story wood-frame home in Derry. The garage collapsed with big parts of the roof intact, suppressing the fire below the roof and making it more difficult to put out the flames,firefighters said.

A 14-year-old girl was home at the time of the fire. The home was protected by a sprinkler system, and one sprinkler head between the garage and the home was activated, unleashing water onto the flames and preventing most of the fire from spreading to the house, firefighters said.

The girl was in the home's basement, but the "secondary exit out of the basement was blocked by snow,"firefighters said.

The girl, aided by the sprinkler, scrambled out of the basement's primary exit and made it out through the home's front door, firefighters said. Without the sprinkler system, they said, the fire would have blocked her exit.

No injuries were reported in the fire, whose cause hadn't been determined. Firefighters found and rescued a dog, which was uninjured.

The sprinkler system ran out of water while firefighting crews used their hoses. Part of the fire extended into the home's attic and the roof of a porch.

The home's living area was damaged by smoke and water and will be uninhabitable until it's professionally cleaned, firefighters said. The garage was destroyed.

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